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The Right Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help Get You the Benefits You Deserve

Obtaining Social Security benefits isn’t necessarily an easy task. If you’ve applied for benefits in the past and have been denied, you are in the majority. Frequently, the only way to receive the benefits to which you are entitled is to enlist the services of an effective SSD attorney. Lisa M. Ritacco is a private disability attorney handling cases in Norristown, King of Prussia, Philadelphia, PA, Wilmington, DE, Cherry Hill, NJ, and the surrounding areas.

SSD Attorneys Can Lead You Through the Maze of Social Security Rules and Regulations

You probably know someone who has applied for Social Security disability benefits but was summarily denied. Perhaps you are facing a denial of benefits yourself. It’s important to remember an initial denial of benefits does not have to be the end of the road. In fact, a denial is often the first step on the path to ultimately succeeding in your claim, as long as you have a qualified Social Security disability lawyer by your side.

Why Retain Social Security Disability Lawyer Lisa M. Ritacco?

Lisa Ritacco - Social Security Disability Lawyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and DelawareWhen you retain the services of Lisa M. Ritacco, you’re gaining the benefit of her more than seven years of experience successfully representing clients both locally and nationwide. Unlike other Social Security disability attorneys who also practice in other areas of the law, disability attorney Ritacco’s practice is committed solely to disability law. You will be treated with the compassion, dignity and respect you deserve.

You’ll Come to Appreciate the Thorough Preparation and Attention to Detail

If your claim for disability benefits has been denied, you’ll have to depend on the appeal process to seek benefits. To wage a successful appeal, it takes hours of preparation and strict attention to detail. Philadelphia disability claims lawyer Lisa M. Ritacco is detail-oriented and works hard to gather, organize and effectively present the evidence to support your claim.  Attorney Ritacco will handle everything from collecting and analyzing the evidence needed to support your case, reviewing any prior actions taken regarding your case, requesting to reopen a prior application for benefits and writing legal briefs. She will even prepare you to testify at an appeal hearing so you stand the greatest chance of effectively presenting your case.

You Don’t Have to Wait for a Denial

It is important to get in touch with a SSD attorney promptly after receiving a denial notice because you only have sixty days to file an appeal. And the sooner you bring your denial to an attorney’s attention, the longer they’ll have to prepare your appeal.

While a SSI disability lawyer in the Philadelphia, PA region can help after you’ve been denied, you don’t have to wait until then to get in touch with one. If you’re planning to file for SSD benefits but haven’t done so yet, statistics show that enlisting the help of an attorney prior to filing will increase your odds of being approved. And even if your initial claim is denied, having an attorney who’s already familiar with your case will be useful when she files your appeal.

Learn more about the importance of a disability appeal attorney.

Assistance During All Phases of the Social Security Process

In addition to helping you with your appeal, your Social Security disability lawyer can also assist you during the initial filing process by ensuring your application for benefits is completed and filed properly and you have all the supporting documentation and evidence you need. Attorney Ritacco can assist you with the process, which may greatly increase your chances of receiving benefits without having to endure the appeal process.

The Initial Consultation with Your Disability Lawyer is Free

Attorney Ritacco offers the opportunity for a free consultation so she can determine the merits of your case on a risk-free basis. You also won’t pay any attorney fees unless your case is resolved in your favor. If you need a Social Security Disability attorney in Delaware Valleye, Philadelphia, Doylestown West Chester, Norristown, King of Prussia or Cherry Hill, call Lisa M. Ritacco today.

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