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How to Submit a Workers’ Compensation Benefits Claim Filing

If you have been injured on the job, or have suffered an illness or injury due to your work, you are most likely covered by workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits are meant to provide you with assistance in paying medical bills and replacing lost income as a result of your injury.

However, these benefits are not automatic. Each state has slightly different procedures for filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, but here are some general steps for filing a benefits claim:

  1. Get immediate medical help. workerscomp
    Get emergency medical help after an accident, or speak to a doctor about any potentially work-related injury or illness.  Getting prompt medical treatment may help improve your outcome and may provide documentation for your injuries or condition.
  2. Make sure you meet your state’s workers’ compensation benefits claim filing requirements. 
    Is your employer required by law to carry workers compensation benefits for employees? Are you a part-time, full-time or seasonal worker covered by this insurance? If you think you qualify but are being wrongly denied benefits, contact a workers’ compensation attorney for advice. If you’d like to speak to an experienced attorney, you can contact the law office of Lisa M. Ritacco.
  3. Alert your employer about the injury.
    You must inform your employer in writing that you’ve been injured. Most employers have a reporting process for injuries. Follow this process, and keep copies of any reports or letters you send.
  4. File workers’ compensation benefits claim forms.
    In most cases, your employer will provide you with the workers’ compensation benefits claim form you need to apply for benefits.  You’ll need to fill out these forms carefully and submit supporting documents as required. Once the application is filled out, your employer will submit the completed application to the insurer and you may receive a reply within 14 days. Make sure you have a copy of submitted forms for your own records. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you file a claim if this process is overwhelming for you, as it is for many people.

Get Assistance With the Filing Process

When filing a claim, remember that there are time limits in most states. You may have a year — or much less —from the time you’re injured to apply. No matter how much time you have, it’s important to apply as soon as possible. Waiting may hurt your case.

If your employer tries to keep you from submitting your workers’ compensation benefits application or refuses to give you an application, contact your local workers’ compensation office for assistance. In these cases, you may want to work with an attorney to protect your rights.

The workers’ compensation benefits application process is not without its challenges. Even if you submit your claim forms promptly and correctly, your application may be denied. If you encounter concerns or problems with filing your claim for workers’ compensation benefits, contact the law office of Lisa M. Ritacco. Our team has already helped many clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We would be happy to discuss your questions and concerns.

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